The Concrete Batching Plant Operator

Job responsibilities of the Concrete Batching Plant Operator:

1. Be responsible for the control and operation of the concrete production process, complete the mixing production task on time, quality and quantity, and make the concrete production records;

2. In case of any mechanical equipment problems during construction, the operator shall timely carry out emergency repair, and shall not refuse such repair for any reason;

3. Strictly follow the production operation rules to ensure the slump of concrete and prevent the phenomenon of pump plugging;

4. Operate strictly in accordance with the concrete mix ratio provided by the engineering department, and it is strictly prohibited to enter the wrong concrete grade; The staff on duty shall first check the concrete strength mix ratio input, and then cross check it before entering the mixing process.

5. In case of sudden heavy rain during mixing, the water consumption shall be adjusted in time.
When starting the machine and stirring within 5-10 buckets, the slump of concrete should be adjusted on site together with the on-site construction personnel. When the water-cement ratio is stable, automatic stirring should be carried out.

The slump shall be checked at any time during the mixing process and no accident shall occur. In case of receiving the notice from the person in charge of the site, the production shall be strictly controlled according to the requirements of the number and strength grade signed by the head of the engineering department, and no concrete waste or strength problems shall be caused.

6. Inspect blender, cement and aggregate weekly to ensure accurate measurement. If the error is found, it should be adjusted in time.

7. Timely check the situation in the cement metering hopper, and clean up the accumulated blocks immediately to avoid the error of cement metering;

8. After each mixing, the mixing plant machine equipment must be cleaned, and the running condition of the equipment must be checked and recorded. No residual concrete or sand and stone shall be left around the mixer, hopper and agitator. If there is any leakage, it shall be cleaned and used in a timely manner. Avoid wasting, and the occurrence of material phenomenon;

9. Timely clean the operation room and operation desk, reduce dust deposition, enter the operation room 10 minutes in advance every day, and prepare for handover. Ensure electrical switches work normally;

10. When the blender is working, it shall have one look and two ears. When the parts are abnormal, it shall communicate with the maintenance personnel in a timely manner and carry out maintenance;

11. Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by the stationmaster.

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Post time: Aug-03-2018
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