PLD600/PLD800/PLD1200 Aggregate Batcher Machine For Concrete Batching Plant

The type of AG batching machine, the number of AG batcher, measurement methods are different, so how to choose the batching machine in the cement mixing station machine. The selection of batching machine in ready mixing plant is introduced in detail.

The main parts of  mixing plant batching machine include: hopper, hopper belt, pneumatic butterfly valve, cylinder, weighing unit, vibrator and so on. First, let’s look at the classification of batching machines.If the batching machine in the mixing station is divided into two batching machines, three batching machines and four batching machines according to the number of AG hoppers. The number of storage hoppers shall prevail. And the only basis for choosing the number of storage hopper is the type of aggregate in the concrete formula.


In addition to the number of storage AG hoppers, it is also divided according to the type of PLD800/PLD1200/PLD2400/PLD4800 batching machine, in which the number in the model is distinguished by the capacity of the hopper, and the capacity of the hopper matches the amount of the feed of the mixer in production, which is the key parameter to choose the batching machine.

The first category is the cumulative weighing method, which is very common. It is mostly used in engineering mixing stations. The characteristics of the accumulated weighing are simple construction and cheap price.

Independent weighing is to have a weighing hopper under each hopper, when aggregate ingredients are added. All parts of aggregate are weighed synchronously, the effect is higher and the accuracy is higher.

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Post time: Oct-27-2018
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